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Allergic Rhinitis

 Allergic rhinitis, also called 'Hay Fever' affecting the nose, occurs when you breathe something you are allergic to, such as dust, animal dander, or pollen. The symptoms are nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, and itchy nose. Allergic rhinitis may also have eye symptoms of redness, itchy and swollen eyes.

Herbal Medicine
AllergosRx approach

 Formulated by a leading allergy specialist in the United States, based on years of clinical research, to treat a very complex disease. Most treatments are one dimensional - inhibiting one aspect of allergy. By combining clinically proven natural ingredients in a dose effective manner,  AllergosRx maximizes the chance of providing allergy relief. 

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Powerful without the
side effects

For many of our patients, AllergosRx acts as quickly if not quicker than the leading  medications. It is as powerful without the side effects of drowsiness or tiredness.  That is because AllergosRx works with the body's immune system, strengthening and not weakening it.Gentle enough to use every day. Try it for yourself or read what our patients have to say...

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¨I really like that this product is a more natural approach to treating allergies. Before starting this, I had been experiencing post-nasal drip and a scratchy throat that seemed to be triggering a cough. After about 3 days of use, I've already noticed a decrease in postnasal drip and the scratchy throat feeling and cough have almost completely subsided. Plus I like that it has probiotics helping to strengthen and boost my immune system.¨ Ruby M

What our customers say about us.....

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