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 What if you could create a product for allergy relief that was as powerful as the leading medications but without the side effects? What if you could empower your immune system to work for you instead of against you?


 One of our founders carried out his research in immunology at Stanford University. The other is a leading allergy specialist in the US, with more than forty years of clinical research in allergy. They asked themselves the same questions and created AllergosRx. It is a novel approach to treat seasonal allergies, to strengthen the immune system instead of weakening it.


 Allergic Rhinitis is a very complex disease with multiple steps and symptoms and most medications don't work well or lose their effectiveness quickly.  Most medications stop just one path of the allergic pathway - we inhibit the allergic reaction at many steps along with the reaction to maximize the chance of providing relief.   Science driven medicine - powerful, effective and safe. Read about it from what our customers are saying or try it for yourself.

Doctor and Patient
Created by a lead allergy specialist, Dr. Lyndon Mansfield, AllergosRX was created with one simple mission in mind: formulating a safe and effective supplement for powerful and immediate allergy relief.

¨For the last 15 years, my allergies had made my eyes so inflamed I couldn’t wear my contact lenses in spring.  Puffy, red, and barely functioning behind my emergency pair of glasses... yet I always used Cetirizine even though I knew it was not working.  And I wasn’t willing to take Diphenhydramine, the stuff used in Benadryl and most sleep aids. I just didn’t have the time to be that exhausted and out of it. So even though I was concerned AllergosRX would not be strong enough for immediate relief, I started taking it. In desperation. One in the morning, one in the evening, as directed on my own label.

And the very NEXT DAY, I was wearing my contact lenses again. The very NEXT DAY, all of my redness and irritation was gone. For the first time in 15 years. It was a miracle. All of our scientifically-backed research did everything it promised, it stopped my allergic reaction in its tracks! No side effects. I felt energetic and clear-eyed enough to go on a long hike on a beautiful spring day without any symptoms.  I’m a very private person but the only reason I shared this story with you because it worked for me, it worked for other clients who had similarly given up on effective relief and I want this to work for you.

Clinically proven in our studies to be powerful, effective and safe, see what our customers are saying about our side-effect-free solution, and try it for yourself. As for me, I’m sitting here writing, wide awake, happily wearing my contact lenses, just by taking AllergosRX twice daily. Nothing else.¨

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