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We are not just the physicians .... but patients too

If you thought supplements were too gentle and instead needed something to work right now, SO DID WE.

For the last fifteen years, I suffered through the allergy season – lethargic, irritated with a runny nose, inflamed eyes. Got progressively worse with each year. And with each passing year, I kept taking Cetirizine with minimal results. I had resigned myself to the fact that my allergies would not improve – nasal rinses, saline sprays, steam showers – all were tried. This year, puffy, red, and barely functioning I took AllergosRx one night. The very NEXT DAY, my symptoms had receded. I took another pill in the morning and soon my redness and irritation in the eyes were gone.

For the first time in 15 years, I was allergy symptom-free. For the first time during allergy season, I felt energized. I went for a long hike that day with all the pollen swirling around. No worries. Our scientifically backed research simply did what it promised, it stopped my allergic reaction in its tracks! Most patients have similar stories Astragalus for sneezing and runny/itchy nose, Butterbur as nature’s Singulair, Methyl B12 to help coughing and itchy eyes, Quercetin for immune system support, Probiotics for immune system support, and Nettle Leaf as a natural antihistamine and nasal decongestant for sinus relief.

Instructions for Use Twice daily. It starts working immediately. Read the reviews for what other patients say about us.

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